• We Provide Wide Range Of Bolt On Jackets.
  • Material Of Construction Is Mainly SS ( Stainless Steel ), CS ( Carbon Steel )
  • For Carbon Steel We Provide Temperature Resistant Aluminium Paint.

Mainly Below Are Two Types Of Jacket :

1. Bolt On Jackets.

2. Clamp On Jackets.

1. Bolt On Jackets :

  • We Have Designed Special Type Of Bolt On Jackets To Sustain High Pressures.
  • These Jackets Have Dimple On Surface To Increase Stiffening.
  • As Due To Stiffening Material Thickness Required Is Less Which Reduces Weight Of Jacket
  • Hence Handling Of Jackets Is Much Easier.
  • Minimum Size Offered Is 2" Valve.
  • These Are Customised As Per Customers Requirement

2. Clamp On Jackets :

  • These Jackets Are Used Where There Is Limitation Of Space For Assembly.
  • Range Varies As Per Customers Requirement.

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Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets
1.1 Material
  • Jacket can be fabricated in stainless steel, carbon steel as well as aluminium.
  • Carbon steel are preferred for reducing cost. However heat resistant painting is required to avoid it from corrosion.
  • Aluminium Jackets rarely used for high heat transfer rates. They are last option as are much costlier compared to CS & SS.
  • Stainless Steel jackets are resistant to corrosion as well as have good heat transfer rates. They have much longer life as compared to CS.

1.2 Connection Ports
  • Inlet & outlet connection are provided as per customer requirement. 3/4", 1/2" NPT(F) etc couplings.
  • Also flanged connections can be provided for high pressure ratings as per customers requirement.
  • Jackets can be designed to cover only valve or adjacent spool flanges.
  • For spool flanges of different size other than valve we have also developed special steam jackets as below.

1.3 Range
  • Generally operating pressure is about 10-15 bar(g).
  • Temperature ranges from 200-250 oc.

1.4 Stiffening
  • Dimple are provided on outer side of jackets for strengthening jacket.(image for reference)

  • Jackets work on principle of heat transfer by conduction

  • Inlet Ports are provided at top & at opposite ends for each half jacket as shown above.
  • This triggers the flow of steam in opposite direction for both halves.
  • Due to this, heating is uniform at both ends & through valve.
  • No localised heating as like cast jacket as each half acts as independent complete chamber.
Bolt on Jackets
Bolt on Jackets